• Heather Massiello Dinho

Don’t Get Burned Out Creating Content

As marketers, we hear it all the time; “Content is the key to success”. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s one of the essential building blocks to our job function and essential to every business. Quite frankly, it’s easy to start to feel like the hamster in its wheel, just churning out content on top of content, just for the sake of creating content. Sound familiar? If this is the case, I hate to break it to you, chances are you’re either getting burnt out, creating bad content, or worse both.

I am not telling you to go up to your CEO and tell them that you are no longer going to create and publish content, in fact, please don’t! What you need to be doing is taking a step back and ask yourself: Will this piece have purpose? Is it helpful? How would I respond if I were on the receiving end of this information? What or where is the value? Is this actionable?

Next, what’s your plan for this content: Where is it being shared? Your website? Social Media? Email? If you’re not creating content for your desired audience, its not effective. We can no longer take a one size fits all approach and blast one message and tone across all media. What works for social media, may not have the implied tone you are looking for to include in your newsletter and is no longer seen as helpful by your target.

So, what can you do to ensure your content has purpose? Go back to the basics! Who?, What?, When?, Where?, Why? and sometimes, How? Its that simple, take a step back and chart your plan of attack! Sometimes we forget simple and basic principles while getting caught up in some of the newest trends, or the push to constantly keep creating.

While you’re at it, start keeping a log of all the content you are creating, from webinars, blogs, whitepapers, podcasts, social media posts, you name it! If you can, include every possible reporting element you can. Having writer’s block? That webinar that brought in 20% more registrations than the previous month, how can you repurpose that to make content you know your prospects are interested in? Perhaps create a FAQ sheet with questions from the webinar. That podcast that had the highest number of listeners, turn it into a white paper.

Get out of your hamster wheel and take a smarter approach. In fact, your boss will probably thank you for it.



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