Founder's Note

“Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.”


Heather Massiello Dinho

I've wanted to run my own business since I was a child. I like to think I was a pretty normal kid except I walked around with a briefcase, requested office supplies for my birthday and most days "played office"; often many times by myself - I guess you can say that's when I developed my passion as a small business owner.


For 13 years I worked in marketing agencies, most with roots in Direct Response. When I started Massiello Media Solutions, I wanted to start my own Direct Response agency providing this methodology to both local and national businesses. I felt that small businesses had an unfair advantage when it came to marketing; they were never given the right tools and access to affordable marketing with proven results like the “big guys”. It wasn’t until I started working for a “small business” doing business development and marketing that I began to learn more on the Inbound method of marketing and how it can apply to a business of any size and/or industry.

With my experience and passion for Direct Response Marketing and my newfound love of Inbound, a new version of Massiello Media Solutions was born. I’ve developed the tools to help client’s market in a human and helpful way to their prospective customers, all while being able to track their ROI. This practice can apply to the local company down the road to a national apparel brand and all in between. I am excited to learn more about your business and how I can help apply this integrated method to the growth of your company.


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