Frequently Asked


Why Outsource?

Well, that’s simple. In almost all real-life situations in which you need help, you call an expert right? If you have some plumbing issues, you call a plumber, you want to put an extension on your home, you call a contractor, time for an annual physical, you get the idea. The fact is, we cannot do it all. If we want something done right, we call an expert! After all, isn’t that what your customers are looking for in you?

What Are The Costs of Hiring An Agency?

Costs of hiring an agency differ on experience and subject matter. For example, working with a traditional media buying agency, there are no billable costs as 20% commission is built into all media rates. Some agencies work on an ala carte basis providing pricing per hour and pricing for a pre-paid “bucket” of hours. And there are agencies that provide “custom solutions/individual packages for each client” (and when you hear that run, because there really is no rhyme or reason to their pricing).
At Massiello Media Solutions, we are a mix of option 1 and option 2. If we are buying media on behalf of your company, we will build in the traditional 20% industry standard in the rate, while keeping the media affordable. We will always negotiate on your behalf and ensure media rates are not cost prohibitive to the success of your campaign.  For our other services, we offer flat hourly pricing or offer a 15% discount when you purchase hours upfront. We aim to be transparent and if we feel that a project may not work with your budget, we will let you know upfront so that you can re-evaluate budget and timing, or we can work together and find another solution. Our goal is to always be helpful.  We are all in the business of making money, but never at the expense of our relationships.

What other services does Massiello Media Solutions, LLC provide?

In addition to Content Creation and Brand Strategy, Massiello Media Solutions offers Data Analysis, Social Media and Email Marketing, Multimedia Production (Whiteboard Videos, Voice Over Work, Audio Editing and Production), Insert and Partnership Media Buying (Package Inserts, Newspapers, Magazine On-Page and Inserts, Mass Media Mailings, and Direct Mail).  If we do not have the solutions you are looking for, we are happy to introduce you to a partner that can!

What is the Massiello Media Solutions, LLC client onboarding process?

Once we decide we are a good fit for each other, we will start to build an actionable plan that aligns with your company’s goals. We will determine what components need to be created, if there is media to be purchased, what tools we will use for reporting, and the estimated length of the project. Once the blueprint is established Massiello Media Solutions goes to work building out your campaign.


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